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"Spin Art" In Glass!
(aka Pot Melts)
Spiraling Into The Sun - New
Spiraling Into The Sun From Which Spring Has
Spin Art for Adults I
Spin Art For Adults II
Cosmatic Swirlings
Green Grows The Rushes
Aswirl In Serenity
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Selected Art Works
Harmony Across The Sun, Sky & Sea
Fused Glass "Tapestry"

Price: Inquire
We are Woven to Each Other
Fused glass "Weave" mounted in custom made shadow box frame.

Size: Framed 23" x 27"

Price: Please inquire
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Crossroads I
Crossroads II
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Serenity Now I
Serenity Now Trilogy
Serenity Now II
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The Diamond Within You
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Accidentally On Purpose
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Through the Layers
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