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Express Yourself

Show you care by taking a few minutes out of your day to express your thoughts and feelings that are yours and yours alone, rather than grabbing a mass produced card at the store that was written by someone paid to write them to apply to as many people as possible, sending a token message on Facebook or an e-card that has been already been sent by thousands of other people.


Your hand written note inside a quality card featuring a unique, original artistic photograph, that shows that you really care. It only takes a few minutes and your recipient will appreciate the extra effort. You'll feel better too. I know I do. 


In these days of social media, e-mails and a world where people would rather text than pick up the phone to say hello, rediscover the dying custom of writing a simple hand written note.   


For Any Ocassion
Serenity of the Ocean's Tides
Sunset And Peace
Colors of Fall
Tidal Reflections
Wine and Roses
Roses I
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For Any Occasion
Flower Power Collection
Flower Power Blue
Flower Power Green
Flower Power Red
Flower Power Orange
Flower Power Yellow
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For Any Occasion
Transformation Collection
Transformations (To Yellow)
Transformations (To Orange)
Transformations (To Red)
Transformations (To Blue)
Transformations (To Violet)
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This is a wonderful card!

1. It features a lighted menorah which is rarely seen on a Hanukkah card.

2. The menorah pictured is Balance I which you can see and learn more about on the Judaica page.
Alight (Inside of Card)
Card Size: 5" x 7"
Happy Hanukkah I
Happy Hanukkah II
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