Leaf of Life
(New Series)


Leaf of Life Series

Artist Statement


Atop this leaf, I see the imagery of a tree.  This is the inspiration for its choice as the subject of this series and the series’ title of which this photograph is a part (it is one of three). To me, this imagery speaks of the "Tree of Life" which has brought this leaf into being. As such, it is a "Leaf of Life." Though now adrift alone at sea, it continues to be. Untethered from the tree from which it came to be, it is now free. It can move “onward,” experiencing life anew, as it embarks on a journey propelled by the sea’s waves, currents and tides.

This image was selected for inclusion in the
2018 Creative Arts Center Juried Membership Exhibition 
Leaf of Life I
Leaf of Life II
Leaf of Life III
(New Series)
Waves of Serenity
Waves of Serenity I
Waves of Serenity II
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Waves of Serenity I is available as a photograph or blank greeting card. Both of these images are available as an ultra soft 60" x 80" blanket (which is far more warm and comfortable than most throws...you really must feel it to fully appreciate it's mink-like softness and comfort). All items can be purchased at my booth in the Richardson Mercantile.  
Serenity of the Ocean's Tides
Serenity I
Serenity II
Serenity III
Serenity IV
Serenity V
Serenity VI
Also available as a greeting card.
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Tidal Reflections
Tidal Reflections I
Tidal Reflections II
Also available as a greeting card
Tidal Reflections III
Tidal Reflections IV
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