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Fused Glass Wind Chimes
"Where Wind and Light Meet Sight and Sound"
  • Every chime is a unique work of art. No two are the same.
  • The hanging glass "chime" elements freely turn with the wind,  creating ever changing movement, sound and visual appeal.
  • These works feature a weather resistant wrought iron frame to which the chimes are attached using high quality titanium rings.
  • Care:  Please scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Price: $125
   Sunrise I 
    Summer Lights. Summer Sounds 
   Let Go With the Flow I (sold)
     Seaside Seatides II                               
     Seaside Seatides I (sold)
     Sea Breeze (sold)
     Green Grow the Rushes  (available)
     Petals and Stems (sold)


  • Hang in an area sheltered from direct exposure to heavy winds, rain and hail. 

  • If severe weather is expected, storing the wind chime in a safe place is recommended.

  • However, should a chime's hanging element break under ordinary conditions, please contact me.  I will do my best to create a replacement element for a small charge (plus shipping).

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