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Fused Glass Wind Chimes
"Where Wind and Light Meet Sight and Sound"
  • Every chime is a unique work of art and handcrafted by me. No two are the same.
  • The hanging glass "chime" elements freely turn with the wind,  creating ever changing movement, sound and visual appeal.
  • These works feature a weather resistant wrought iron frame to which the chimes are attached using high quality titanium rings.
  • Care:  Please scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Price: $80
  Commissioned Works
Have something in particular in mind? Please contact me. I am happy to work with you to create a work that is uniquely yours. Prices will vary based upon the size and complexity of the design as well as the amount and type of glass chosen (glass colors and types span I wide range).
   Sunrise I - New (available - contact me to purchase).                                                                          Price: $95
    Summer Lights. Summer Sounds (available at Richardson Mercantile Booth 606)     Price: $75
   Let Go With the Flow I (sold)
     Seaside Seatides II ((available at Richardson Mercantile Booth 606)                                   Price: $75
     Seaside Seatides I (sold)
     Sea Breeze (sold)
     Green Grow the Rushes  (available)
     Petals and Stems (sold)


  • Hang in an area sheltered from direct exposure to heavy winds, rain and hail. 

  • If severe weather is expected, storing the wind chime in a safe place is recommended.

  • However, should a chime's hanging element break under ordinary conditions, please contact me.  I will do my best to create a replacement element for a small charge (plus shipping).

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