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Stephen J. Weinberg



Stephen  J. Weinberg is an artist with a long held passion for the visual arts across multiple mediums.  Although largely self taught , his creative desire and artistic aptitudes have been an important part of his life since childhood and continues to this day by bringing  his creative sensibilities to life for the enjoyment for and appreciation of all. 

Mr. Weinberg is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A from the Plan II Honors Program and a J.D. from the UT School of Law. He also holds a MBA from SMU's Cox School of Business. 

Although an Ohio native, he is a lifelong Dallasite  with an Austin state of mind. 

Shows and Exhibitions. 


No shows 


2023 Natural Diversity (Juried)

Boathouse Cultural Center  at White Rock Lake July 1-August 12, 2023

          - "Cascading Into Winter's Eye"

          -   Medium Fused Glass

2022 Artistry of Faith and Culture (Juried)

Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, TX  November 10 - December 31, 2022

          - "Wings of a Dove"

           - "Festival"


2019 Creative Arts Center Annual Member Exhibition (Juried) 

           Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX

- "Harmony Across the Sun, Sky and Sea"

- Medium: Fused Glass

2019 Texas Visual Arts Association "Blue" Exhibition (Juried)

TVAA Gallery, Dallas, Texas

           - "Blue Horizons

           - "I Bloom Blue Without You" (from the "Folie a Deux" series).

           - Medium: Photography

2019 Visual Arts League of Allen Show"Resilience: Strength, Healing & Overcoming Adversity" (Juried).

          March 7 - March 31

           VALA Gallery at the Cotton Mill of McKinney

             - "Leaf of Life" Series I (a trilogy)

             - Medium: Photography

2018 Texas Visual Arts Association Citation Exhibition (Juried) 

           November 5- December 1, 2018 

           Mesquite Arts Center, Mesquite TX

- "Untethered. Cast to Sea." From "Leaf of Life III" Series.

- "Onward. The Journey Begins Anew." From "Leaf of Life III" Series.

-  Medium: Photography

2018 Creative Arts Center Member Exhibition (Juried) 

           Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX

- "Onward. The Journey Begins Anew." From "Leaf of Life" Series.

- Medium: Photography

2016 Creative Arts Center Member Exhibition (Juried)

           Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX

           - "Red Rock In A Different Light."
           - Medium: Photography

​2015 Like Minded Friends

           Frisco, TX

          - Multiple works.
          Mediums: Fused Glass and Photography

2015 Creative Arts Center Member Exhibition (Juried)

            Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX

             - "Cosmatic Swirlings"      
             - Medium: Fused Glass (only glass work selected for the exhibition)

2009 Creative Arts Center Member Exhibition (Juried)

            White Rock Lake Bath House, Dallas, TX
             - " Through the Layers"

             - Medium: Fused Glass Sculpture


/On Beauty

Raven tresses and silken dresses
         Resist the presses 
 of reality.


The moonlight shows skin that glows
           and lips that speak of life most joyfully.


As love consumes, your beauty blooms
          And makes my spirit soar.


From time hereafter, you are all that matters,
          For it is you whom I adore.



Orange Flowers

/Artist Statement:

On Art and Beauty


And so too with art. Regardless of whether the love, beauty and joy of another may have escaped you, was beyond your grasp or sadly lost, art is one of the few things in life, that has the power to elicit these emotions, and more.

Art  can be simultaneously a catalyst and a reprieve. When a work of art strikes a chord in you, it is a catalyst for your thoughts, memories and emotions that resonate solely unto you. External noise and internal distractions fall to the wayside as they give way to a repreive where you allow the artwork to reach out to you and draw you in, where it stikes that chord in you. A door opens,  beckoning you to be immersed in this moment  - a dialogue of sorts with innermost self. Without thinking, you heed to this call.  Your mind walks through this door.

At that moment, no matter how brief, comes a reprieve in which you enter an intimate oasis of thoughts and feelings. You are not lost in the moment. You are catalyzed by it. You are alive in it. Your mind and emotions are alight and aflight in the most precious type of moment - a moment which  is yours and will always be yours. A moment which  nourishes your mind, body and soul. A moment which no one can take away from you.  It is this moment which I strive to capture in my art.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -SJW

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