Flower Power Series
Flower Power 2.0
Flower Power Series 2.0 features dual metal prints of the flower photographs presented in a 3-D format.

Each photo is printed on metal. A 7"x 10" print is mounted atop the larger 11" x 14" version, separated by a 1/2" gap between,

The result - a unique, multidimensional and powerful aesthetic that literally and figuratively pops out to the viewer.

Price: $350
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Flower Power Blue
Flower Power Green
Flower Power Red
Flower Power Orange
Flower Power Yellow
Flower Power B&W
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Soak Up The Sun
Lost In Your Eyes (Mesmerized)
Lost In Your Eyes (Hypnotized)
Peek A Boo
I See You
Summer Fun in the Summer Sun
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Folie A Deux
Bluebonnet Trilogy
A Burst of Blue. A Burst of You.
Also available as a greeting card.
A Field of Blue. A Field for You.
Also available as a photo printed on slate.
Ode to Blue. Ode to You.
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